Attic Lift

Pushing boxes up the attic ladder on your head? Yeah, we’ve been there too. Attics are a great storage space but getting stuff up there ain’t easy. Attic lifts make it easier, almost fun kinda easier. 

What to look for in an Attic Lift

While the attic lift fit in my attic?

You probably don’t want to modify your garage ceiling more than necessary.

  1. Ceiling cutout: Most attic lifts fit between existing joists. We’ll help you check all the options for it and let you know if they don’t fit within your existing ceiling structure.
  2. Height: Is there enough room for the lift’s structure to fit when it is raised into your attic?

Is installation easy? 

For those of us that are handy, yes, installation is manageable. Pay special attention to this one. Take a good look at the space you have in your attic. Most importantly the roof above your attic floor. You’ll need a plan for how the attic lift will be installed.

Are attic lifts safe?

Yes. Although installation plays a large roll in how safe they ultimately are, the attic lifts themselves are safe.

What is the lift capacity?

We suspect most homeowners are using attic lifts to lift boxes, bins and such. If so you’ll be well-served with any attic lift. If you are planning to lift heavier items be aware of weight limitations.

Comparison Table 

Feature Product 1 Product 2
Item Weight 65 pounds 1.00 pounds
Capacity 40,000 pounds to 60, 000 pounds 250 Pounds
Installation Easy Easy
Space Requirement Larger Small

Versa-Lift 24 Attic Lift Corded 8-11

Versa-Lift 24 is the best choice for everyone who needs a replacement attic ladder for home, garage, basement, or any other place. It is easy to use by installing it yourself.

Every person who needs to décor home or other workplaces gradually must have an attic lift of 200-250lb. It eliminates accidents by using a storage organizer or tool storage to lift 40,000 to 60000 pounds weight.

It has a 15 inches cord along with a locking system and bottom handle cord. The locking mechanism works while pressing the operational button of the lift. It offers ease with remote control functionality.

  • Price: Starting at $2397
  • Weight lifting capacity: 200lb
  • Remote control wireless: optional $450
  • Remote control wired: Included
  • Maximum garage ceiling height:
  • Minimum attic ceiling height: 3ft you must specify when ordering
  • Custom sizes available: No, but have a variety of sizes
  • Dimensions of Unit:
  • Platform size: 20.75″ x 44
  • Ceiling opening dimensions: 22.5″ x 46.5″
  • Platform thickness:
  • Power Requirement:
  • Warranty: Unknown


  • 3 years warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Can lift 40, 00 to 60, 000 pounds weight


  • Require larger area to install


The Attic Lift 300 Lbs. Post Style Lift

The Attic Lift Company makes semi-custom lifts, mostly of larger sizes and capacities. Models use either steel frames or posts that protrude into the attic space. They have only one side open for loading a high deck platform; some come with a built-in loading ramp.

They manufacture several different types of lifts.

300lb Post Style Lift: A lift system with a 4 post frame that has a motorized steel shaft on two of the posts. The motor winds a cable that pulls the lift’s floor up to raise the lifts floor into the attic

300lb Steel Frame Lifts: This system includes the frame which forms that structure in your attic. The motorized lifting happens against the steel frame which is connected to the floor of the lift and in turn, raises the floor up into your attic

The interesting thing about The Attic Lift’s products is they are semi-custom. You choose sizes depending on your specific attic situation. This approach allows a great fit.

The price for these solutions are roughly $2,295.00


  • Price: Starts at $2,295.00
  • Weight lifting capacity: 300lbs
  • Remote control wireless: Optional $250
  • Remote control wired: Yes, long wired remote control
  • Maximum garage ceiling height: If higher than 10ft must tell the manufacturer
  • Minimum attic ceiling height: 48” on the low side
  • Custom sizes available: Yes
  • Dimensions of Unit:  Depends on what you order
  • Platform size: Depends on what you order
  • Ceiling opening dimensions: Depends on what you order
  • Platform thickness: Depends on what you order
  • Overhead Space Requirement: 48” on the low side
  • Power Requirement: Unknown
  • Warranty: Unknown

SpaceLift™ Model 5222-S or 5228-S Series Attic Lift

The Space Lift is perhaps the most elegant and well thought out system. It requires little modifications to the home (ceiling joists). That does mean you lose some flexibility in terms of how large the lift platform can be but we think most home owners don’t need anything large than what SpaceLift offers. This product is thoughtfully engineered.


  • Price: Starting at $1,895.00
  • Weight lifting capacity: 200lb
  • Remote control wireless: No
  • Remote control wired: Yes wall mounted
  • Maximum garage ceiling height: 15ft
  • Custom sizes available: No
  • Dimensions of Unit:
  • Platform size: 18 x 41 or 24 x 41
  • Ceiling opening dimensions: 22.5 x 46 or 28.5 x 46
  • Platform thickness:
    • Ceiling thickness 7 to 14 inches – lift fits between joists (will not protrude above attic floor)
    • Ceiling thickness 4 to 6 inches – lift extends above attic floor (will protrude above attic floor)
  • Overhead Space Requirement: Allow at least 4 feet of  overhead space above the installation area to provide lift access.
  • Power Requirement: A dedicated 15 amp circuit is required.
  • Warranty: 2-YearLimitedWarranty

Additional material needed

  • 68.5”x44” Plywood for cart floor (3/8 Plywood recommended)
  • 1/4″ Trim panel 83.5″x 48″ (Finished Plywood recommended)Trim panel should not exceed 20 lbs.

Reference material
Installation instructions: Click here


  • Least expensive solution
  • Low-profile design, no vertical restriction means this is the MOST flexible solution in terms of attic height requirements


  • Requires a dedicated 15amp circuit XXX do others require this?

Aladdin Storage Lift (ASL-500)




Aladdin Storage Lift has a very large raised deck with a metal box frame around the bottom. The attic opening required is 82 by 46 ½ inches. It pulls from all four corners with cables. In the attic space, one must install ceiling support straps and the motor box sits above the attic floor. Its high deck and railing mean loading and unloading items requires extra lifting to move items on and off the lift. Aladdin even sells a loading ramp as an accessory.

The Aladdin Storage Lift has an ETL safety listing which means it is compliant with North American safety standards.

After ordering the ASL-500, you will be contacted by an Aladdin representative to obtain your ceiling height and joist size to ensure your Aladdin Storage Lift is a perfect fit for your needs.


  • Price: Starting at $2,799.00
  • Weight lifting capacity: 500lb
  • Remote control wireless: Yes, extra cost $450
  • Remote control wired: No, keyswitch controller or optional wireless remote
  • Maximum garage ceiling height: Ceiling height must be specified before ordering
  • Custom sizes available: Yes
  • Dimensions of Unit – 72 ¼” wide x 92 ¼” long x 18” tall
  • Platform size: 36” wide x 68 ¾”
  • Ceiling opening dimensions: 82″ x 46.5″
  • Platform thickness: Depends on your specifications. Minimum height appears to be
  • Overhead Space Requirement: XXX
  • Power Requirement: XXX
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty on all parts and components

Additional material needed

  • 68.5”x44” Plywood for cart floor (3/8 Plywood recommended)
  • 1/4″ Trim panel 83.5″x 48″ (Finished Plywood recommended)Trim panel should not exceed 20 lbs.


  • Takes minimal space (height) in the attic which makes it easier to install and maneuver around when raised in the attic


  • Only one size available 4×8 is rather large and may not fit on some homes
  • Takes more horizontal space than other solutions
  • Requires a ceiling thickness minimum of 2×8, some homes may have 2×6 joists.
  • If your attic floor has joists that are 24” on center, you’ll need to remove one partial joist.  If your attic floor has joists that are 16” on center, you’ll need to remove two partial joists.

While the Aladdin system appears to have more cons than other units, they are all related to is larger size. If you can accommodate the size we really do like the Aladdin over other solutions

Reference material
Pre purchase information: Click here
Installation instructions: Click here

Auxx Attic Lift

The Auxx Attic Lift is a bit different from other lifts. In our opinion, it’s construction is simpler, easier to install and overall a simpler solution. The difference is the frame in the attic rests on the floor of your attic versus the other options where there is a large frame in the attic. There is no large frame like the other solutions.


  • Price: Reg.: $3,345 $2,889 Sale
  • Weight lifting capacity: 400lb
  • Wireless remote control
  • Platform thickness: Up to 10 inches
  • Maximum garage ceiling height: 13ft
  • Ceiling opening dimensions:
    • 26″ x 50″ opening for the 24″ x 48″ platform
    • 18″ x 48″ platform requires 20″ x 50″ for the ceiling opening
  • Custom sizes available: Yes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


  • Low weight just 1 pound
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to insert in small space


  • Small fit size 2×4
  • Wire or cable breakable

Other factors to consider when buying a Attic lift product

Price range

Most of the attic items worth $100 to $3,797(in 2021) carry the items.

The higher price will add more features to meet your needs and have $500 extra installation charges.

Versa-Lift 24 Corded 8-11 is easy to install and can be done by yourself. It just needs basic carpentry and electrical skills.

Supco lift with a weight of 1.00 pounds and adjustable features from 14 to 24 can lift 250 lbs.

Read precautions

Before inserting the attic lift, you need to read the precautions before turning on the lift. Every individual lift has its standards and instructions.

Power cord check

Every lift doesn’t need to have an outlet close enough for the power cord to reach. If there is not, then connect the new outlet to an existing attic light. For more details in this regard, check this “wire an outlet” at

Final Thoughts

The use of an attic lift removes the danger of maintaining balance while you have storage items in your hands. Now it’s time to get in ease, just by pressing the lift button. The Versa-Lift easy installation, the capability to move small to heavy things with larger capacities, and a removable hydraulic boom make it more adorable for me. Which one is your favorite and why? Have a look and buy your favourite one by a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an attic lift?

The steel platform-connected attic lift is a system for the home to move things from floor to roof or attic. There is no need to jump in danger by using attic stairs that need the use of hands and are difficult to maintain balance.

How much does it cost to install an attic lift?

The installation of the attic lift cost around about $500. But some of the lifts are easy to install by self-effort with basic carpentry and electrical skills like Versa-Lift 24.

What is the difference between elevator and lift?   

Both the lift and elevators are two different things that differ in price and design. The lift has the features of the open cab, except for 42″ panels, while the elevator is totally enclosed in-cab and needs a shaft. In the case of price, the lift is a lower price than the elevator.

Is it safe to use an attic lift?

Yes, of course, it’s a safe way to use the attic lift in place of attic stairs to move items. As by using stairs, it’s risky to maintain balance while you have storage in your hand. It can lead you to an accidental situation. At the same time, the use of an attic lift is free of risk.