Best Fireproof Document Bags: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Fires are a catastrophic nightmare. They’re brutal and unexpected, which is why they’re among the worst events a person can experience. In the event that, god forbid, such an emergency occurs, you need a way to protect your valuable documents.

This is where fireproof document bags come in.

In this post, we’ve chosen five of the best fireproof document bags of 2021. We’ve also listed a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you with your purchase.

Top 5 Fireproof Document Bags Worth Your Attention

Contemplating which fireproof document bag you should purchase? Look no further. Here are some of the best document bags found on the market today!

ALORVA Fireproof and Waterproof Document Bag – Best Overall

ALORVA Fireproof and Waterproof Document Bag - 17 x 12 x 5” with Wallet Protector - Reflective to Find Fast at Night - Shield Important Documents & Valuables from Fire & Water - Firefighter Designed
  • DESIGNED BY FIREFIGHTERS: This fireproof money bag was created by professionals, so you can rest assured your new document storage case will offer unwavering protection for your important possessions like money, passports, and birth certificates.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: These document safe fireproof and waterproof bags boast an attractive and sleek look with reflective tape for high visibility at night.
  • UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE: Our document storage pouches are crafted using double-layered, silicone coated fibreglass for outlasting use. These portable safes for home protect items from fire and heat to 1100°F+.
  • CONVENIENT AND ERGONOMIC: The Alorva fire proof bag for documents features two carrying options: a handle or an adjustable shoulder strap for efficient and quick evacuation in the event of an emergency.
  • A GREAT GIFT OPTION: This waterproof document pouch makes for a wonderful and unique gift for a wedding, birthday, housewarming, graduation, Christmas, or Father’s Day.

Searching for a document bag that’s both fireproof and waterproof? Look no further than the Alorva Document Bag.

The Alorva Document Bag is designed by a professional firefighter with over 18 years of experience. Seeing the amount of pain and destruction fires has caused, he made it his life duty to create a fireproof bag that actually works. That’s where the Alorva Document Bag comes in.

Crafted with double-layered silicone coated fiberglass, the Alorva Document Bag can easily withstand heat of over 1100°F. It passed the UL 94 flammability test with flying colors to further give you peace of mind.

As a bonus, it also has an internal pocket for double fire protection and a detachable passport or money wallet. Other than its high fireproof and waterproof rating, this document bag’s sleek and attractive makes it suitable for bringing in meetings and travels.


  • Laboratory tested
  • High visibility due to reflective tape design
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Not the most affordable

JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bag – Runner Up

JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags,13.4”x 9.4”Waterproof and Fireproof Money Bag,Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch with Zipper for A4 Document Holder,File,Cash and Tablet
12,543 Reviews
JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags,13.4”x 9.4”Waterproof and Fireproof Money Bag,Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch with Zipper for A4 Document Holder,File,Cash and Tablet
  • FIREPROOF & WATER RESISTANT:Fireproof document bags are made of high quality non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass which stands up the temperature up to 1832℉(1000℃).It will keep your values 100% safe .Document holder is not only fireproof but also high water resistant in case it gets wet for any reason
  • ULTRA SAFE PROTECTION:With the large capacity of 13.4 * 9.4 inches, fireproof document bag can keep most of your most valuable items including passports, licenses, USBs disks and CDs deeds, certificates, cash, letters , precious photos,marriage certificate, money and more
  • ZIPPER CLOSURE PROTECTION:Fireproof zipper adds storage security and carrying safety .Money bag with zipper is ideal for office or home .Combining a fireproof bag and fireproof safe box together is the best solution to offer your documents and valuables a complete protection in any fire accident
  • CASUAL DESIGN FOR DAILY LIFE - with a hanging trap, fireproof money pouch is convenient accessory for you no matter at home or on office, portable and can be easily folded, you can use it anytime and anywhere
  • TRUSTED AFTER SALES SERVICE :Ready to respond within a 24 hour time ,2 years after sales service.If you have any issue ,you will get the replacement or a full refund

The Jundun Fireproof Document Bag is designed with high-quality non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass, which is proven to be one of the best fireproof materials on the market. It also has a fireproof zipper, which further adds to carrying safety and storage security.

Measuring 13.4”x 9.4”, this document bag is large enough to store most of your valuables, including passports, licenses, hospital records, tablets, and more. It’s flexible, as well, and can be folded compactly if required.

This document bag can withstand temperatures as high as 1832℉. Average house fires range between 1500℉ to 1800℉, so Jundun is guaranteed to keep your documents safe in such cases. It’s waterproof and smokeproof, too, which is a great plus!


  • Sturdy construction
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Decent storage capacity


  • Water will come in through the zipper if submerged

Vemingo Fireproof Bag – Best Compartment

Vemingo Fireproof Bag 2000 Degree Water Resistant Document Holder 15.8 x 12.6 x 3 Inches Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Fireproof Safe Storage for Money, Documents, Jewelry, Passport and Laptop (2Grey, L)
  • 2020 UPGRADED Fireproof Bag for Home Safe: 2 Pack included, The large size is 15.8 "x 12.6" x 3 ", money bag size is 7" x 9 ", great for all of your needs. Large capacity with multiple interior compartments to keep all of your items organized and easy to find what you need. Our fireproof document pouch contains 6 credit card slots, 2 passport pockets and a large pocket. With the small money pocket you can store small valuables easily.
  • FIRE-RESISTANT & WATER RESISTANCE: There are 2 layers of glass fiber of the highest quality. With a waterproof zipper and Velcro for further protection. Resists fire and heats up to 2000 ℉. Our large fireproof bags not only withstand fire, but are also water resistant in case it gets wet for any reason.
  • NON-ADULT SILICONE COATED FIBERGLASS: Avoid the splinters and irritations comes from other fire resistant document holders. We use a silicone coated fiberglass to give you great fire protection without the irritation.
  • COMPACT AND FOLDABLE, USEFUL TO USE: Simply place your valuables in the fireproof document bag and close it with a zipper. Attach the practical, extra wide Velcro fastener. A practical accessory for your office filing system or at home, portable and easy to fold. You can use it anytime anywhere.
  • WARRANTY: If not 100% completely satisfied with our fire resistant document bag, simply contact us to request a refund or exchange. 3 month money back/replacement guarantee, 24 months product defect free replacement warranty.

The Vemingo Fireproof Bag has what most document bags lack: pockets.

Made of multiple interior compartments, the Vemingo Fireproof Bag allows you to keep all your papers and documents organized and easy to find. Other than six credit card slots, this bag comes with a single large pocket for storing thick documents and two passport pockets for smaller valuables.

This fireproof document bag is made of two layers of high-quality glass fiber. It can withstand and resist fires of up to 2000°F,  200℉ more than an average house fire. For further protection, the Vemingo bag is equipped with a waterproof zipper and Velcro seal.

The Vemingo Fireproof Bag is available in two colors; grey and black.


  • Exceptionally compact and foldable
  • Multiple compartment options
  • Backed with a two-year warranty


  • Silicone may cause irritation

Cioey Fireproof Document Bag – Best Storage

Fireproof Document Bags - Fireproof Box [Thermal Insulated] Fireproof Safety Boxes for Home Large Fireproof Bag Lockable Zipper Fireproof Safe Box Home Safes Fireproof Waterproof Fireproof Money Bag
  • [Thermal Insulated, Highest Fireproof Rating + Water-Resistant] - Get the ultimate protection for your belongings and documents. The Coiey fireproof document bag can withstand heat up to 2000°F thanks to the UL94 V-0 certified fiberglass fabric. To further protect paper items, there is also a dedicated thermal insulation mid-layer as well as an aluminum foil coated interior. Additionally, the exterior is made of waterproof silicone to prevent water damage from fire hoses.
  • [Easy-Access, Wide Opening] - Don't waste your time fishing for documents and small valuables! Thanks to the wide opening at the top of the fireproof bag (16"l*5"w), you can effortlessly access 3-ring binders, photo albums, tax returns, laptops, birth certificates, and other sensitive documents. Plus, you'll also be able to easily find smaller items such as passports, cash and jewelry, even if you have large hands. No dumping everything out just to find one thing!
  • [Comfortable Materials and Cleans Easily] - The insides of some fireproof boxes can become dirty over the years, so it helps that this one is so easy to clean! Coated with a durable aluminum foil (instead of exposed fiberglass), you won't get splinters and you can clean out the entire fireproof bag with ease using a damp cloth. Plus, the surfaces of the bag are smooth, so in case you need to carry it anywhere, it doesn't have any itchy or uncomfortable surfaces.
  • [Durable Strap & Versatile Design] - If you travel often with your document holder, you need it to be durable and ready to withstand anything, which is why we tested the shoulder strap, capable of holding up to 45 lbs and the handle up to 35. Equipped with tough, lockable zippers, a Velcro flap and fire-retardant stitching, this fireproof document bag can go anywhere and still look professional. Foldable design makes it perfect for travel, and explosion-proof design makes battery storage safe.
  • [Quality Craftsmanship and Unique Gift Idea] - Reinforced seams, 30% wider hook and loop fastener, high density straps, smooth and comfortable surfaces etc, all to make this Cioey fireproof bag as perfect as it can be. With quality craftsmanship, it is a unique and practical gift idea for family and friends. Give them the gifts you know they’ll need.

If you’re searching for a document bag that can safely store most of your valuables, no matter how big, the Cioey Fireproof Document Bag is for you.

Made with Silicone coated fiberglass fabric, this bag can easily withstand heat up to 2000°F. It also has its own dedicated thermal insulation mid-layer and an aluminum foil-coated interior, for further heat protection.

Moreover,  it’s equipped with lockable zippers and Velcro flaps, both of which have fire-retardant stitching.

The bag’s strap is also something to take note of. If you’re someone who travels often, you’ll likely need to carry your document bag almost everywhere you go. As such, the shoulder strap is designed to hold up to 45 lbs of weight, so you won’t have to worry about it accidentally snapping in the middle of your trip.


  • Coated with easy-to-clean aluminum foil
  • Versatile construction
  • Roomy design


  • Doesn’t fold down

COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag – Best Simple Design

COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag (2000 ℉ )15 x 11 Inches Silicone Coated Fireproof and Waterproof Money Bag Fireproof Safe Storage for Money , Documents , Jewelry and Passport
  • NON-ITCHY SILICONE COATED FIBERGLASS - Featured with super high quality silicone coated fireproof fiberglass , no glass fiber will annoy any more .
  • DOUBLE LAYERS PROTECTION - Both 2 layers are made of supreme fire retardant fiberglass material . 100% fire proof ! Stands up against fire and heat up to 2000 ℉.
  • LARGE SIZE - 15"x11" Enough space to store your legal document files, passport , cash, jewelry , photos, laptop and other valuables.
  • WATER RESISTANT - Not only does our bag stand up against fire, but it's also highly water resistant just in case it gets wet for any reason.
  • 100% MONEY BACK - If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, send it back for a 100% no questions asked refund.

The Colcase Fireproof Document Bag is simple yet effective. At 11″ x 15″, this bag can hold most legal documents and paperwork. It’s designed with double-layer protection, with each side made of non-itchy silicone-coated fiberglass.

Many users avoid fiberglass-coated items because they may cause irritation and sprinters when used, but that won’t be an issue with the Colcase. It’s highly water-resistant, as well, which is a great bonus!

This document bag can resist heat up to 1000℉. Although a bit lacking than the rest on this list, it still boasts a high fireproof rating that’s guaranteed to protect your documents from extreme heat.


  • Water-resistant
  • Thick construction
  • Solid seal


  • Heatproof for up to 1000℉, lagging behind others

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fireproof Document Bag

Fireproof document bags are designed to protect your precious belongings in case of fire accidents. Here are some key considerations when buying a fireproof document bag:


Fireproof document bags come in all sorts of sizes, from envelope-style to folder-style bags. You can also find them in a briefcase design.

Envelope-style document bags are great for storing small valuables and several papers. Folder-style bags, on the other hand, can hold anywhere between 100 to 500 sheets of paper at a time, making them large enough for multiple stacks of documents.

Briefcase style bags are the biggest of all three. Here, you can store more of your documents including laptops, tablets, and other similar-sized valuables.


Fireproof document bags are designed to withstand up to 1,000°F to 2,000°F of heat. As such, they’re made of a unique combination of materials.

Most fireproof document bags are constructed of silicone-coated fiberglass due to its capacity to protect itself against fire and intense heat.

There are also some companies that use heat-reflective aluminum interior or lining to further add a layer of defense against fire.


Most fireproof document bags only have a single pocket or compartment. However, it isn’t rare to find certain brands that feature additional pockets and slots to help you better organize your documents.

If you’re looking to optimize space or keep certain documents separate for easy accessibility, you may want to check the bag’s compartment options.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best fireproof document bag is the Alorva Fireproof Bag. Other than its high fireproof rating, it’s glamorous and spacious, making it a great bag for travel purposes. Which one is yours?