Best Garage Cabinets – Top 5 Picks

Looking for the best garage cabinets to keep your gear safe and organized? As you know we are a bit obsessed with organizing around here.

Today, we’re reviewing your best garage cabinets options to help you find the perfect storage solution for your storage needs.

We are keeping this article to a specific set of cabinets like:

  1. Freestanding garage cabinets with cabinet doors
  2. Rolling standing closed-door garage cabinets
  3. Garage Wall mounted closed-door garage cabinets
  4. Tall storage cabinet or short cabinets

There is a wide variety of garage storage solutions, we have other articles or garage shelvinggarage slat system, overhead and other garage organization ideas.

We are also not covering garage storage systems in this article. You know, the ones where there is a total range of same style cabinets and other storage solutions.

Things to consider when buying a garage storage cabinet

Made of durable materials

One of the first aspects that you should look at when searching for the best garage cabinets is the type of materials used. Always bear in mind that the cabinet will be used to store bulk and heavy items, so it is important that it is made of durable materials to make sure that it will not break or collapse easily.

Don’t buy particle board or MDF. Especially for floor units.

Maybe this sounds obvious, but we all know that most cabinets are made from cheap particle board these days (MDF). Dare we say wooden cabinets (real wood) no longer exist. Garage floors are damp and particleboard will absorb that moisture. So just be sure you are getting something that will endure.

Plastic Cabinets

Plastic cabinets are often a good solution for the outdoors. However, we find them to be not very flexible. There is little adjustment and they often come out of alignment. Still, a good solution for the outdoors and things like garden tools storage.

Metal cabinets if possible

If it’s made of steel, stainless steel, or other materials that are known for their durability, then you can include this in your possible options. Aside from that, you also need to examine the product’s design and try to assess if this can securely store the valuable items that you don’t want to live lying anywhere else in the garage.

Can be conveniently mounted or assembled

When searching for the best garage cabinets, try to go for the products that can be easily mounted or assembled, since this simply shows that they are well crafted. In addition to that, having a cabinet that can be conveniently mounted or assembled could help you save time and money to have this properly installed in place.

Aside from that, make sure to check the hardware and materials used on the product’s assembly. Try to assess if these are durable and would fit nicely when used on the product. In case you’ve seen that the mounting hardware and components are not that reliable, scrap the product out of your list, for this will surely bring you more problems in the long run.

Measure first – Make sure it is the right space inside and out?

Measure floor space: Of course, you remembered to measure the garage space where you plan to insert this cabinet – right? In other words is there enough floor space?

Measure interior dimensions: Maybe more often overlooked are the inside dimensions. If you have plans to store specific items inside make sure the cabinet will accommodate those items. Don’t end up with lazy space. How many inches deep and inches wide do you NEED to fit your items?

Since the primary purpose that you are currently searching for is to have something that will store more items, make sure to check the amount of storage space that each product provides. Try to determine if these are equipped with drawers and shelves that can effectively increase their ability to accommodate more stuff.

Do you need locks

Aside from the features provided earlier, it is also worth noting that the best garage cabinets are those that have locks and reliable doors. Thus, if you want to have the best product, go for those that are equipped with reliable locks and doors, for having such does not only make you feel confident that the items stored on it are neatly organized, but are also safe from anyone who would want to steal some of its contents.

Are the shelves adjustable?

It is not always the case here. Make sure the shelves inside are actually adjustable. Be careful that they are REALLY adjustable as in fully vertical adjustment. Many times manufacturers will provide only a small range of adjustments which often kills your space efficiency. Like, not being able to fit your tackle box on ANY shelf.

Covered by a warranty

Although this particular feature is quite rare, you should still try your best to search for garage cabinets that are covered by a good warranty policy.

By doing this, you will surely save yourself from incurring huge expenses when the product breaks down or incurs some defects due to continuous use, since a warranty policy will most likely cover a large part or probably the entire cost incurred in repairing or restoring the product to a good condition.

Does the cabinet have wheels?

Rolling cabinets are a fantastic solution but no ALWAYS desired. Consider whether or not you want something with wheels.

5 Best Garage Cabinets

Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet

Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet, 32" W x 65" H x 16" D, White
  • From Prepac elite storage collection, 2-Door cabinet for extra storage in utility room, garage, office, kitchen, or Bedroom
  • Constructed in laminate composite wood with White Melamine doors; with 2 adjustable and 1 fixed shelf
  • With all-metal 6-way hinges and all-metal handles on doors; soft-edged Corners on doors for safety
  • Ready to assemble Upon delivery; matching topper unit for Expanded storage. Internal Dimensions - 30.25 W x 59.5 H x 15.75 D Inches
  • Assembled, measures 32 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 65 inches high; 5-year limited warranty

Prepac uses top quality materials to make their cabinets which are built to last, that’s why the Prepac Elite 32” Storage Cabinet is a solid solution for garage storage, especially if you’re looking for the basics without all the fancy features that typically bump up the price.

Made of MDF wood, you won’t have the solid feeling of a steel cabinet, which can be pleasant for some users. There’s a laminate white finish that won’t peel or chip when it gets warm or cold. However, it may chip from normal use, especially if you place it in a foot-heavy area.

This free-standing cabinet has 4 internal shelves, two of which are adjustable with the center (and button) shelf being fixed. The adjustable shelves feature pre-drilled peg holes that allow you to increase or decrease their space by about 6 inches on either side.

Each door is equipped with one easy-to-grip metal handle. Backed up by a 5-year limited warranty, this unit ships in pieces but the assembly is rather quick, taking an average of 30 minutes.

  • Pros

    • Great value for money
    • Perfect for minimalist decor
    • Generous warranty
  • Cons

    • On the heavy side

Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet UHD16234
  • 3 adjustable shelves
  • Stainless steel door fronts
  • Key lock
  • 5" heavy-duty wheels
  • Assembled Size: 36"W x 18"D x 72"H

If you’re on the hunt for a heavy-duty metal cabinet, the Seville Classics Storage Cabinet is one of the best options you can opt for.

This garage cabinet sits on large casters so you can move it around without worrying about the weight.

Don’t forget to lock the wheels in place to prevent the unit from rolling away. Also, keep in mind that the cabinet is raised higher than average, which can look a bit off if you have other storage units flat on the ground.

Construction-wise, the cabinet feels rather solid and sturdy. There’s a key lock in the front, easy-grip handles, and strong metallic doors to keep the contents secure.

Inside, you’ll find 3 shelves plus a bottom rack. All 3 of the shelves are adjustable, providing you with extra freedom as you organize your garage.

As for installation, the process is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take you very long complete (about 1 hour at most).

  • Pros

    • Comes with wheels for easy movement
    • The doors are sturdy and there’s a lock for extra protection
    • All shelves are adjustable (except the one at the very bottom)
  • Cons

    • A bit pricey

Suncast Base Storage Cabinet

Suncast BMC7200 Storage Cabinet, Platinum
269 Reviews
Suncast BMC7200 Storage Cabinet, Platinum
  • OUTDOOR STORAGE CABINET: Base storage cabinet to contain toys, tools, and equipment
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Double wall resin construction that is resistant to warping, rusting, and denting
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Platinum storage cabinet that fits into the corner of a garage, creating an attractive space
  • REINFORCED SHELVING: Metal reinforced shelving that holds up to 75 lbs.
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measures 20.25" x 72" x 30" for the perfect-size storage solution for your garage or outdoor space


The Suncast Base Storage Cabinet is one of the strongest units on the market. It stands at 6 feet tall and includes 3 rugged shelves that resist bending, a very common issue when traditional shelving deals with a heavyweight.

Luckily, this Suncast cabinet can hold weight up to 75 lbs without sustaining any significant damage. This is because the metal of the shelves is effectively reinforced.

As for the doors, they’re equipped with two small handles located right beside each other. You can use a small padlock to close the doors with added security, however, there’s no built-in lock.

On the bright side, the doors are sealed tight to avoid water or dust from getting inside. Not to mention, assembly is easy and shouldn’t take you more than one hour to get done.

  • Pros

    • Sturdy shelves with no risk of bending
    • Doors close tight
    • Sleek platinum finish
  • Cons

    • Shelving is a bit tricky to lock into place

Gladiator Ready-To-Assemble Gearbox Steel Cabinet

Gladiator GALG36KDYG Ready-To-Assemble Gearbox Steel Cabinet, Silver Tread
  • 36 inches w x 72 inches H x 18 inches D
  • Holds up to 225 lbs. per cabinet and 45 lbs. per shelf
  • 2 adjustable shelves and 1 fixed shelf
  • Leveler legs compensate for uneven floors
  • 10-year limited

If you’re concerned about durability, then you’re better off with a heavy-duty steel cabinet like this one from Gladiator. It comes with solid floor legs that can handle a lot of weight despite its small appearance.

The door lock is magnetized for convenient opening and closing, as well as to keep the doors tightly shut in case of bumps. You also get a built-in key lock for extra security.

This cabinet measures exactly 6 feet tall, with the height of the legs and the steel frame included. Each shelf can support a load of 45 to 50 lbs.

One thing we really like about this cabinet is the optional Gladiator mounting kit which transforms into a wall cabinet. If you need more space for storage, consider getting this unit hooked up in your garage.

The biggest drawback here is the lack of adjustability in the shelving. You can remove some of the shelves, but you can’t change where they get placed.

  • Pros

    • Strong steel construction stable
    • Comes with a lock and magnetized doors
    • Can be wall-mounted as well
  • Cons

    • No adjustable shelving
    • A bit too pricey

Tennsco 4218 Standard Series Cabinet

Tennsco 4218 24 Gauge Steel Standard Welded Counter High Cabinet, 2 Shelves, 150 lbs Capacity per Shelf, 36" Width x 42" Height x 18" Depth, Black
  • Tennsco standard series cabinets are the perfect choice for office or industrial applications
  • The standard series offers many of the same features heavy-duty construction, 3-point door locking mechanism, raised bottom and built-in shelf support tabs
  • 2 Shelves with 3 openings
  • 150 lbs capacity per shelf
  • Measures 36" width by 42" height by 24" depth

Last but not least, the Tennsco 4218 Cabinet stands at 3.5 feet tall. It features 2 adjustable shelves and a fixed one at the very bottom of the unit.

The exterior of the cabinet is constructed using heavy-duty 24-gauge steel and comes in four colors. The shelves are also made of solid steel, supporting a whopping maximum capacity of 150 lbs.

Additionally, the two inner shelves are adjustable and removable, so you’re free to come up with your own layout. There’s also a door lock to keep everything safe inside.

  • Pros

    • A maximum capacity of 150 lbs per shelf
    • Reinforced steel doors with lock
    • Great for smaller setups
  • Cons

    • Paint is prone to chipping


Wrap Up

Choosing the best garage cabinets can be a challenge. This is why we included only the top-performing units so you can end up with a reliable purchase no matter what.

That being said, we recommend the Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet, 32" W x 65" H x 16" D, White  as today’s winner thanks to its durable construction, sleek design, and excellent value for money.


Frequently asked questions

Which garage cabinets are best?

As you can see from this article, there is no simple answer. It comes down to your decision on several factors like price, storage needs, and DIY capability.

How much are custom garage cabinets?

For truly custom solutions prices can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

Why are garage cabinets off the floor?

A simple answer here is moisture. Garage floors are damp with little insulation. That moisture will seep into cabinets, making wood soften over time.

Can I use kitchen cabinets in garage?

Yes, we’ve done it. Although interiors kitchen cabinets aren’t made for wet or damp conditions often found in a garage. Still, they are a suitable solution.