Best Motorized Overhead Garage Storage

Because garages are usually on the small side, all garage owners might appreciate extra storage space. But, if the entire floor of your garage is occupied with your power tools or bikes, how could you find more room for other items?

By investing in one of the best motorized overhead garage storage lifts on the market, you could solve this problem. So, instead of freeing horizontal space, you may want to go for vertical solutions.

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The Top 3 Motorized Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

At one point, you’ll have to go through the decluttering process to organize the interior of your garage. If you’re prepared to do that, you could always use the help of one of the following options.

1.   Garage Gator 68221 Motorized-8 Bike Lift

Garage Gator 68221 Motorized 8 Bike Lift, Black
  • Assembled Dimensions: 60.00" W X 60.00" D X 30.00" H
  • Perfect for keeping bikes safely out of the way in the garage
  • Includes: 220 lb. Capacity motorized storage Lift, mounting plates and fastener
  • Lower, Lift and store bikes and other gear securely

How many times have you or a member of your family tripped over a bike while getting something from the garage? Plenty, right?

For this reason, we’ve decided to kickstart our reviews with this useful 8-bike motorized lift by Garage Gator. And, since bikes take so much floor space in a garage, it can be a relief to find a way to keep them out of everyone’s way.

This ceiling storage option is one of the most secure ones on the market, according to those who tried it. It has enough power to accommodate eight bikes with no trouble since it offers a maximum capacity of 220 lbs.

Better yet, because it’s motorized, the ceiling lift is a breeze to use. All you’ll have to do is properly attach the bikes, press a button, and watch as they rise to the ceiling. Some people have managed to store other gear as well using the available hooks.

The only downside, as claimed by users, is that this lift is a tad tricky to assemble. The holes aren’t lined up accurately, so you might need to drill more holes to make your job easier. Still, no one thought this was a deal-breaker.


  • Easy to use to store bikes and other gear
  • The maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs
  • Comes with hooks to store a wide variety of items
  • Mid-tier price


  • You may need to drill additional holes

2.   FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack Lift System

Hoping for a more versatile and heavy-duty option? Well, the Fleximounts overhead storage rack lift system might be the right candidate.

This beast lets you use up to 16 square feet of overhead storage space thanks to its steady and sturdy platform. Here, you could keep boxes, seasonal decorations, outdoor equipment, etc. The options are endless!

What makes the Fleximounts storage rack a favorite of many is that it comes with solid construction. Made from alloy steel and top-quality parts, it has been tested over and over to ensure your safety. And, according to the majority of reviewers, it has worked as promised.

Better yet, the ceiling lift can withstand up to 300 lbs of weight. This way, your garage should be soon free of clutter, helping you stay organized.

Lastly, we admire that the overhead garage storage rack system is suitable for ceiling joists that are 12, 16, and 24 inches apart. This should make installation a piece of cake, especially that the lift comes with premium mounting screws.


  • A multi-purpose rack where you can store power tools, cardboard boxes, and more
  • An impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Heavy-duty structure and materials for extra safety
  • Compatible with 12, 16, and 24-inch ceiling joists
  • Works seamlessly with angled ceilings, too
  • Easy to install in under 2 hours
  • Moderately-priced


  • Some users complained that the wires wouldn’t roll up evenly

3.   Racor Garage Ceiling Storage Rack Lift

Racor - PHL-R, Garage Ceiling Storage Rack Lift
  • Adjustable - Mounts to any ceiling, adjust to angle ceilings with the built in nylon rings
  • Durable - High strength steel allows you to lift up to 250 pounds
  • Efficient - Raises and lowers by crank and includes all installation accessories
  • Reliable - Steel cables allow for 8ft of vertical lift and securely locks into place
  • Reclaim Your Garage - 16 sq feet of additional overhead storage space with the 4 ft X 4 ft design, making more room for the things you want to do

Here’s a motorized overhead garage storage option that’s similar to the previous one. This Racor product might be pricier, but it has many features that a lot of people appreciate.

First off, the storage rack mounts to any ceiling, even if it’s angled. Once it’s properly assembled, you can put the rising shelf to work by storing items that can weigh up to 250 lbs.

Second off, the steel construction is pretty reliable to hold your stored objects safely. And, thanks to the durable cables, the lift should make the 8-foot, up-and-down journey with no trouble.

Last but not least, installation should be straightforward, too, after taking a look at the user’s manual. Plus, all the parts are included in the package, so there’s that. The only slightly inconvenient point here is that you may need to drill additional holes.


  • Simple to lower and raise by crank or electric drill
  • Solid steel construction for a longer lifespan
  • 16 square feet of storage to free more garage floor space
  • Suitable for flat and angled ceilings
  • Handles up to 250 lbs of weight


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Some parts are made of plastic, which several users had to replace with metal parts for safety

Things to Think About Before Buying a Motorized Overhead Garage Storage Unit

If you’re unsure about which product to choose for your garage, it may do you good to take a quick look at a few factors. Once you think about your needs, you should be able to make the right decision.

  • What you’ll be storing (bikes, boxes, power tools, etc.)
  • Weight capacity
  • Construction materials
  • How easy the system is to assemble
  • Platform space

Wrapping Up

Finding the best motorized overhead garage storage option may not be as hard as you might’ve thought. After checking our favorite products out, we’re certain you can choose the perfect fit.

Wondering what our top pick is? We fell in love with the FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack Lift System. Not only is it heavy-duty, versatile, and easy to use, but we also like that it’s reasonably priced.

However, if you’re looking for a storage solution for bikes, we suggest you go for the Garage Gator 68221 Motorized-8 Bike Lift instead. It’s solid, simple to deal with, and has hooks upon which you can hang other tools as well.