How To Organize A Golf Bag?

If you’re looking for tips on how to organize a golf bag, then look no further than this article.

Whether or not you organize your golf bag is completely up to you! However, doing so will ensure faster and easier access and return of all clubs and other accessories that you will be utilizing on course.

Typically, the clubs with headcovers go in the top pocket of a golf bag while the irons remain in the next 2-3 pockets with the wedges in the bottom slot. Finally, the balls, tees, pens, divot tools, yardage books, ball markers, and scorecards remain in different pockets. However, not every bag is the same. So, you need to determine the type before you organize your golf bag.

Below, I will discuss different golf bags and how to organize each type properly, so let’s begin.

How To Organize A Golf Bag?

Going through a cluttered bag and struggling to find the item you desperately need isn’t a very pleasant thing. The same goes for cluttered golf bags.

There’s nothing worse than searching for a specific club but being unable to locate it. It’s stressful and gives your opponent a clear advantage in the game.

A well-organized golf bag will make you look and feel like a professional golfer, so follow the next tips on how to organize a golf bag the right way.

Step 1: Empty your golf bag

First and foremost, evaluate your mess by emptying your bag. I’m sure that you will find a lot of things that you don’t need. I’m also sure that you have a lot of golf balls that add unnecessary weight to your golf bag. You will be surprised by how lighter your bag feels without too many balls.

Step 2: Combine your necessities

Split everything you own into piles. That way, you will get a clear picture of how much you have of each thing. You will also realize what you don’t really need like old pin sheets from a long passed tournament and yardage books. And other things that you didn’t even know were inside your bag.

Step 3: Determine what to keep

Once you establish what you have in your bag, it’s cleaning time. Ask yourself if you really need 30 balls. Hopefully not. I usually carry two sleeves. I also carry two gloves (one to wear and one for backup) along with a pair of rain gloves. I would also suggest that you carry one instead of three towels.

How about tees? They’re always welcome because you can never have too many tees, however, you can put them in a drawstring pouch, so they don’t clutter every single pocket of your bag.

Step 4: Pick your pockets wisely

Organize your pockets conveniently. For instance, place the things you utilize the most, such as tees and balls, into a pocket that’s easily accessible. I prefer using the biggest external pocket for apparel and the bag’s rain hood, the deepest bottom pocket for balls. Side pockets can hold sunscreen, etc.

Step 5: Arrange golf clubs

In your golf bag, every golf club should have a spot. That way, you can easily determine what you’re missing. I place the driver at the top and every other golf club follows, starting from longest to shortest, finishing with a putter in the bottom compartment. Some people put the putter at the top with the driver, so do with that information what you will.

What Goes Where In My Golf Bag?

Every golf bag isn’t the same. Therefore, you should base your golf bag organization on the type of bag you own. Let’s take a closer look at different types of bags and learn how to organize each one properly. I will also share some expert tips throughout the article, so make sure to read the whole thing.

Cart bag/Staff bag

A cart bag, also known as a staff bag is what you see if you watch the PGA tour. This type of bag has a lot of space for your clubs and enough room for every piece of gear you could possibly need.

However, it’s made to be carried from your vehicle to your cart. Therefore, unless you have a golf caddy, you’re utilizing this type of bag to ride the course. Now, let’s learn how to organize this bag.

Organizational tips

A carb bag will either feature 4-5 dividers or 14 slots for your clubs. Either way, you should organize your golf clubs by yardage. That way, each club will have a specific place so you can find what you’re searching for with ease and realize if something is missing in time.

As for the essentials such as tees, golf balls, gloves, and ball marks, you can put them in one pocket. The best part about a cart bag is that you can go wild with the golf balls, therefore, put as many as you want. After all, you don’t have to carry the bag, so who cares?

Place your jewelry, watch, car keys, and wallet in one small pocket along with your rain gloves, rain suit, umbrella, extra towels, beverages, snacks, and clothes.

Expert tips

When you get to the course, utilize the club drop. There’s no reason for you to bring your cart bag from the parking lot to your cart. Also, how you organize your cart bag is important because you have a lot of storage. It’s easier to forget where you put things, so organize thoughtfully.

Sunday golf bag

The regular Sunday golf bag is usually a lightweight bag made with easy transportation in mind. It’s ideal for travel to the range, casual rounds with friends and family, or playing a par 3 course.

Organizational tips

This type of bag is made to keep  6-8 golf clubs. Therefore, pick the clubs you really need. If you’re going for a casual round with your friends and family, take Driver, 9-iron, 7-iron, 5-iron, and your putter. If you’re playing a par 3 course, grab your putter and your wedges.

A Sunday golf bag has enough storage space for other things, so take anything you need to have a good time like a few cold beverages. Place your valuables in one spot or use a pouch to keep those additional things you’re carrying like sunglasses, wallet, and phone.

Expert tips

A Sunday golf bag holds only 6-8 golf clubs, so you’re probably worried if playing with such few golf clubs will be harder. The answer is no, it won’t be. On the contrary, you might even start to ask yourself why you ever take 14 clubs anyway. I highly suggest buying a Sunday bag.

It’s flexible, lightweight, and cheap! If you ever decide to visit a Top Golf with your friends, a Sunday golf bag makes a great option for this situation, so keep that in mind.

Carry/Stand bag

A carry or stand bag is the common choice among amateur golfers. It’s designed to be utilized when walking the course. However, it’s also a suitable golf bag for a cart.

Organizational tips

Carry golf bags resemble cart golf bags. You will either have 4-5 dividers or 14 club slots. Either way, you should arrange your clubs by yardage. Then, put your tees, balls, gloves, and ball marks in one pocket. Only take what you need for a single round.

Additional golf balls will make your bag unnecessarily heavier. And since you’re likely walking the course, stress will be added to your back, so don’t put too many golf balls. Keep your valuables in a separate spot and use the same spot every time you play for consistency.

As for your situational gear, only bring items you will really need. I highly suggest downloading a reliable weather app, so you can check if there’s a chance of rain. Leave out your winter gloves if it’s 90 degrees. Now, let’s learn a few expert tips.

Expert tips

Do you utilize a rangefinder when you play? Utilize a carabiner and add it to the side of your bag for easy access. With this type of golf bag, it’s all about weight management. Therefore, before heading out, take out anything that you don’t actually need such as a jacket in the large pocket.

Finally, if you utilize a customizable driver, hold the wrench in your golf bag. If something comes loose in the middle of the round, you can easily tighten and keep utilizing your club.

Final Tips

Most people think that having your golf bag organized isn’t that big of a deal. However, nothing can be more annoying than to know you have something you need but can’t find it because your bag is a mess. That’s why I highly recommend that you organize your bag thoughtfully.

As with anything else, organizing a golf bag comes down to deciding what you need and where to put it. It also comes down to what works best for you so organize your golf bag as you see fit and use these tips if you ever need help. Questions? Thoughts? Drop a comment below!