How To Organize Headbands

Do you have a drawer, shoebox, or closet full of headbands? 

If so, this blog post is for you. Headbands are everywhere these days- on the ground, in your purse- and they can be hard to keep track of when you are busy. 

Being a mom with a demanding little princess that loves to accessorize, it can get a little overwhelming when you look at their bedroom that’s simply covered with stuff you don’t know where to look! 

If headbands are the latest obsession, we can help you with our clever hacks to keep you organized.

Gather All The Headbands You Own

Now is a great time to go on a scavenger hunt for every headband you or your girls own and put them in one place in your bedroom. It gives you a chance to really look at what you have in front of you and decide whether or not you want to keep some headpieces if they look worse for wear. It is an excellent opportunity to declutter before you start to organize them.

Organize Hair Accessories By Color or Style

If you have headbands that qualify you to open a store with the number of hair straps you own, then you should probably begin by sorting them out in color. This way, you can physically see how many headbands you have once you have separated and allocated them to a color group. It is also the perfect time to declutter as you inspect and categorize them.

When you love headbands to accessories your outfit for every occasion, it is easy to forget about the ones you might have purchased a few months ago. Before you shove them in your dressing table drawer, consider separating the headbands by color first and then by occasion. If you find that you have more gold headbands, you can categorize them into eveningwear,  partywear, or casualwear.

This will help minimize choosing time when you or your little girl are getting ready.

Organize Hair Bows

You can use a hanger that has hooks to hang your beautiful hair bows. If sorted in color order then you will have created a lovely rainbow!


The best way to store your headpieces is on a shelf or in a dresser drawer with dividers for each type of headband (i.e., one section for thick headbands and another for thin ones)

Put your headbands in a drawer, box, or another container to keep them organized and easily accessible. you could even sort them into color coordinated containers to match the hair ties.

Use Clear Boxes

Acrylic boxes are great for sorting your headbands as they allow you to see what you have without opening anything. When you sort the headbands in compartments you are more likely to keep them organized. When you open your drawer you should be able to see immediately the headband you are looking for without disturbing anything else.

When you use your dresser drawer for your headbands, we’d recommend storing headbands that are a little dainty and are only saved for special occasions thus avoiding any accidental breakages.

Use Your Wall

If you struggle with dressing table space, using your walls is a great solution to organizing your hairbands. It can also look pretty when they are in color order. You can organize them according to size as well, for instance, chunky headbands following through to the slender bands.

Over-Door Clear Shoe Organizer

If you have more headbands than clothes, then an overdoor shoe organizer might be the best solution. The clear plastic pockets will allow you to sort your headpieces into different colors, styles, and occasions without unnecessarily pulling them out. It keeps your headbands organized and off the floor, stopping your floor from becoming an obstacle course for bare feet.

DIY Headband Holder

If you feel particularly crafty, you could consider gluing some clothes pegs onto a plank of wood that you can then mount to your wall. Make it pretty with paint for each clothespin. The great thing about this is that you can form it as your piece of art on the wall if you have a row of pegs and a frame around it to accentuate the headbands. Using a hanger with clips or clasps is also a great way to organize your headbands. 

When you don’t have that many headbands to fill up an overdoor shoe organizer but still a healthy number of hair accessories that need sorting – make your own headband holder. All you need is a canister that is big enough to put your plastic or fabric headbands over. Once you have that, you can grab your favorite piece of fabric or strong, durable wrapping paper and your glue gun. Wrap it around the canister, and you now have a pretty headband holder! You can always add a candlestick at the bottom to give it a more upscale look. The great thing about this is that you can engage this task with your child and organize hair accessories simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

If you have a lot of headbands invading your space, set aside some time to organize them in color and style so that it’s easy to match with your outfits when you are getting ready. Make sure there’s enough room on shelves or dressers near the door where all these bands can be stored without being mixed together which will ensure clear compartments minimizing any upside-down turning over drawers messes!

The fabulous thing about organizing hair accessories such as headbands is that you get to be creative in how you want to display your artful masterpieces against your walls or in your dressing table drawers.

You are more likely to feel calmer when things are way in their designated zones.  You can reach for it anytime you want.

Encouraging your child to take part with you in the organization process is a great idea and they will feel more inclined to look after their creations such as headband holders.