How to Organize Kindle Books?

The Amazon Kindle eReader is undoubtedly the world’s most famous and finest device for people who love to read eBooks. Not only does it offer textbooks but it also offers audible ones for a better experience.

But once you have a collection of a few dozen books, it can become very difficult to find the exact title that you want to read. That’s why organizing books in your Kindle device makes sense as it allows you to spend more time on reading and less on searching.

In this article, we’ll discuss different methods to organize Kindle books. It’ll improve your overall experience whether you have a Kindle Fire or Kindle Paperwhite.

Create Kindle Collections        

Currently, there is no tagging system or folder structure that you can use to organize books in Kindle. Instead, Amazon allows you to create multiple collections which is the best way to keep your kindle books organized.

You can create as many different collections as you want and add both paid, and free books to them. Here are some great ideas that you can use to create Kindle Collections.

  • Finished books
  • Unfinished yet started books
  • Books you want to read
  • Thriller books
  • Romance books
  • Sci-Fi books
  • Educational books
  • Non-fiction books

You can also have more collections with your own ideas because there is no limit to that.

How to Create a Kindle Collections?

You can follow the steps listed below to create a new collection on your Kindle device.

  1. Tap the three dot icon that’s located in the top right corner of your screen that will open a drop-down menu.
  2. Tap Create New Collection from the drop down menu
  3. Enter the name that you want for your new collection.
  4. Now the system will provide you with the list of all the available books and you’ll need to tap on the check box of each book that you want to add to the collection
  5. Tap on the Done button and you’re all set.

Creating collections is one of the easiest ways to organize Kindle books and you’ll start seeing that your selected books now belong to certain categories of names that you have created collections for.

You can also create a cloud collection by going to the “Cloud” tab and tap on the “Collection” icon. Then you’ll need to add it to your Kindle device and choose the books to download and have them in that collection.

Sort Kindle Library

Another great option to organize Kindle books is to use the sorting feature. All the Kindle devices come with some inbuilt “Sort” option. You can also switch to the List view to see more book titles on your screen.

To achieve that, you’ll need to tap on the “Sort” option that’s available on the top right corner of your Kindle Library page. From there you’ll need to tap on the “List” option and all your books will appear in the text form instead of covers.

Tapping on the sort option again will allow you to sort all the books in your library in different ways. Currently, you can choose the following sorting options.

  • Recent
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publication date
  • Collection

It’s important to note that whether a book is in a collection or not, it’ll still show up if you use any of the sorting options mentioned above (except collection).

Sorting by collection is different from the rest of the options. All your collections will show up at the top of your list. After the collections, you’ll have books that don’t belong to any collection.

Use Filter Option

You can also use the filter option to organize your books. This option is available in your local library and it allows you to arrange all your books depending upon their types. Currently, there’s a range of filtering options available like:

  • Auditory
  • Books
  • Samples
  • Comic
  • Documents
  • Journals
  • Sets

Some clippings, and websites, and notes that you have sent to your Amazon Kindle will appear in the Document option.

Change Organization Preferences

You can make some changes to the layout of your Kindle home screen. In order to achieve that, you can use the following steps.

  1. Tap on the “Settings” option from the top menu bar and go to “All Settings”.
  2. Now, you’ll need to tap on the “Device Options” and go to the Advanced Options.
  3. From there, you’ll need to choose the “Home and Library” option and then you’ll have the option to disable “Home Screen View” to have the “Library” view.

You can also change organization preferences for audible content that allows you to choose from the following options:

  • Show in Library and on Home: It’ll show your audiobooks everywhere in your Kindle library.
  • Show in Library Filter Only: It’ll show audiobooks only when you have selected the “Audible filter”

This way you can also reduce clutter and organize your Kindle more efficiently.

Use Reading Lists

Utilizing Reading Lists is yet another handy tool to organize your library. While it can’t help you with the books that you bought and stored in your Kindle years ago, it’s an excellent method to find your next read.

You can access the Reading Lists from the upper right corner of your Kindle Home page. It’s also possible to link your Goodreads account to your Kindle to access both Amazon wish list entries and Goodreads “Want to Read” list.

The Reading List option also allows you to access all the book samples that you have in your local library.

Search Kindle Library

Sometimes finding the exact book that you want to read becomes difficult even if you have perfectly organized your Kindle library. That’s where the search bar comes into play where you can write the author’s name or book’s title to find the exact match.

It’s important to note that the search results consist of not only your local Kindle library. You’ll also get the books from Goodreads, Kindle store, or other places. The easy way to find the book from your local storage is to look for the results that have book icons with them.

Remove Unneeded Kindle Books

If you are an avid book reader, the chances are that you’ll have thousands of books in your Kindle. You don’t want to overload your Kindle with digital books that you don’t want to read or keep. So, consider deleting them one by one. You can always get the deleted books back because they’re saved in your Amazon account.

How to Remove Books From Kindle?

In order to delete any particular book from your Kindle, you’ll need to tap and hold on to the book cover image or the title. You can also go to the three stacked bars or three dots that are available with each book title.

Doing so will open a small menu that will have the “Remove from Device” option. You’ll need to tap on that to remove the book from your Kindle library.

How to Recover Removed Books?

All your books including the removed ones will still appear under your library’s “All” header. If you don’t want to see them, then all you need to do is to tap on the “Downloaded” header. This way only the books that are stored in your Kindle will appear.

In order to recover the removed books, you’ll need to go back to the “All” header and select the title that you want to restore. The system will give you the downloading option instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage Kindle content?

You can use one or more of the options that we have discussed in this guide to manage and organize your Kindle content. You can also go to the Amazon website and log in to your account. Then you’ll need to go to the “Manage Content and Devices” option and choose the “Content” heading.

It’ll show you all the books on your Kindle. From here you can soften the desired items to manage them as you want.

How to organize Kindle Books on iPhone or iPad?

First, you’ll need to download and install the Kindle app on your device and choose the three dot menu located at the upper left corner. Then you can tap Collections that will take you to another page where you’ll see all your collections (if you have created them).

From here you can also add a group by selecting the “+” sign which is located in the upper left corner. The application also allows you to perform sorting operations to organize Kindle books. You can also follow the same method for other devices such as Android, Mac, and PC.

How can you separate multiple devices registered on the same Kindle account?

First, you’ll need to go to the “Manage Your Kindle Page” from the Amazon site and click on the “Manage Your Devices” option. Here you’ll see all the devices registered to your account and you can click on the “Deregister” button against the device that you wish to remove.

The system will then show you a popup and you’ll need to click on the “Deregister” button to confirm the action.

How to Update Kindle Software?

If you can’t see any of the options that we have discussed, you’ll need to update your Kindle software. For that, you’ll need to go to the “Setting” / “Device Options” / “Advanced Options” / “Home and Library”. Here you’ll see the “Update Your Kindle” option and that’s about it.