How To Organize Necklaces?

Unlike bracelets, earrings, and rings, necklaces get tangled when kept together because they’re usually long. Small jewelry organizers can keep your necklaces relatively protected. However, if a necklace isn’t stored in a separate compartment, it will probably become knotted into itself.

There’s a broad range of DIY solutions on how to organize jewelry like winding your necklaces around toilet paper rolls, wrapping them around balls of socks, and then storing them in a drawer so that they don’t tangle, tarnish, or scratch. However, they’re not permanent organizational solutions.

The worst part? You easily mistake your favorite necklace for trash and throw it away. In today’s article, I will share permanent storage solutions that include box or drawer organizers, hanging organizers, and other ideas. Without further ado, let’s learn how to organize necklaces properly.

How Can I Organize My Necklaces Without Tangling?

If you’re always struggling to untangle your necklaces, it’s time to apply organizational solutions and get them organized. You can utilize a drawer to store your necklaces as long as you keep them separated. Or you can hang up your jewelry collection on display somewhere in your room.

Other organizational options include jewelry trays or boxes to have your necklaces at arm’s reach. Once you pick the right method for you, you can easily reach what you need. The following section contains 3 different methods on how to organize your necklaces, so let’s take a closer look.

Method 1: Utilizing a drawer as a jewelry organizer

A drawer is one of the easiest organizational solutions for necklaces and other types of jewelry. Just pick a drawer and follow the next steps on how to keep your necklaces organized and secure.

Utilize plastic straws for necklace storage

You can easily separate your necklaces with plastic straws. It’s a cheap solution that works! Slice a straw down one side with a craft knife or box cutter to make one long slit. Then, thread one side of a necklace through the slit so that side of your necklace is kept in place by the plastic straw.

The plastic straw will help keep your necklace from playing with other necklaces and getting tangled. Lay your necklaces out flat in the drawer, however, before you do that, I suggest that you line the bottom of the drawer with a piece of velvet and secure the ends so the strands aren’t loose.

Add inserts specifically for necklaces

Get trays with long slots in them that you can place in the drawer. You can safely store your necklaces in the trays. I have utilized plastic silverware dividers in the past and they worked just fine.

Keep your beaded necklaces in spice jars

Some spice jars have just enough space to accommodate a single necklace, while others can fit more. So, opt for whatever size works for your collection.

If you opt for smaller spice jars, put one necklace in each one and put them in your drawer. Additionally, put a non-skid surface underneath to prevent the jars from sliding around. You can also utilize magnetic spice jars and attach them to a metal surface or mirror.

I would also suggest that you utilize these types of jars for beaded necklaces only because more delicate pieces might get tangled up in the same container.

You can also use spice jars to store earrings and other smaller pieces of jewelry. Organize jewelry in a creative way and have some fun!

Put your favorite necklaces in a teacup

A great idea is to put your most utilized necklaces and other jewelry pieces in a teacup. Then, place your teacup on your dresser so you can easily reach it every time you get ready. You can utilize a modern and cool teacup or some old teacup from your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter what type of teacup you use. Finally, I would also recommend that you utilize multiple teacups and line them up in your drawer if there’s enough space. Then, put a necklace in each teacup to keep your jewelry well-organized in a creative way.

Method 2: Hang up necklaces instead of utilizing a jewelry organizer

Another excellent organizational solution is hanging up your necklaces. You can accomplish this utilizing different things like hooks, key holders, knobs, etc.

Add hooks

If you’re looking for a permanent solution, look no further than hooks. Unless you mind making holes in your wall, hooks can help you organize your necklaces easily.

Screw as many hooks as you think you will need into the wall. Space them 1 inch apart horizontally. That way, your necklaces won’t get tangled. If you don’t want your necklaces exposed, you can also screw the hooks behind your clothes in a closet or behind a hinged mirror.

Additionally, measure your necklaces. That way, you will know their full length, so you can leave enough space between lines in case you need more than a single line.

Utilize key holders

You can easily find various key holders at thrift stores, big box stores, or home organization stores. Most key holders consist of a small plaque with small hooks at the bottom.

Since key holders already have hooks inside, all you need to do is hang up your key holder in your closet or bathroom. Then, add your necklaces or some other jewelry inside.

Decorative knobs

You can also utilize decorative knobs on pieces of driftwood for a unique and rustic appearance. Look for decorative drawer knobs at flea markets, home improvement stores, and/or big box stores.

Screw the knobs into driftwood in a line about 1 inch apart. Then, hang your pieces on the knobs. As you can figure, it’s a decorative hanging method, so you can hang it anywhere around the home.

How about a jewelry tree?

Have you ever heard of a jewelry tree? It’s the perfect jewelry holder for collections of 5-10 necklaces. You can easily find jewelry trees at big box stores, craft stores, or online stores.

These trees obviously have branches where you can hang your jewelry including necklaces. This solution doesn’t work for bigger collections of necklaces because it usually has a small number of branches. Thus, you can’t hang all your necklaces individually. However, there’s a simple solution for this issue.

You can create a jewelry tree at home with some tree branches. Just collect tree branches and put them in a lovely, heavy vase. Then, hang your necklaces individually and put your base on display.

Corkboard for necklace storage

Take a corkboard and apply some fabric on top if you’re searching for a creative organizational solution that won’t damage your walls. Opt for a sturdy cork board that can hold things.

Then, stretch some fabric over it one way and fix it to the back with staples or thumbtacks. Stretch it the other way and fix it to the back with staples or thumbtacks. Finally, smooth out any wrinkles and fasten the fabric at the corners. Add some thumbtacks to the front and hang your necklaces.

It’s a simple but practical solution that can help you organize your necklaces with little effort. Place your cork board on a dresser or vanity and lean it against your wall for easy placement.

Utilize branches for a natural look

Instead of making a jewelry tree, you can also collect branches from a nearby park or your backyard and hang them on your walls. Utilize zip-ties or yarn where the branches connect to fasten them together in the manner you like. Then, hang them and hang your necklaces from the branches.

Store bracelets and necklaces in a drawer or shadow box

You can easily frame your necklace jewelry in a shadow box or drawer. Paint your old shadow boxes or drawers in your favorite color. Then, cover the inside with a corkboard. Place some fabric or paint over the corkboard and utilize some thumb tacks or pins to hang your jewelry from.

Finally, hang your shadow boxes or drawers on your walls. You can also glue or screw-in knobs to hang your precious necklaces if you don’t like the appearance of thumb tacks or pins.

Shower hooks for hanging necklaces

If you’re searching for a quick organizational solution, then shower hooks make a perfect choice for you. Just screw a shower rod into your door or wall.

Then, add some s-shaped shower hooks on the towel rod and spread them evenly. Place your necklaces on them, arranging them up by color or style.

A pocket organizer can serve as a jewelry organizer

A pocket organizer will keep your jewelry collection organized and separated. It’s a piece of fabric with a hook at the top and pockets in it. Just put a necklace in each pocket, arranged by style or color. Finally, hang your improvised jewelry organizer in a readily accessible space.

Method 3: Utilize a tray or box as a jewelry organizer

Last but not least, I want to suggest a common organizational method that includes decorative trays and boxes. Let’s learn how to utilize trays and boxes properly.

Decorative trays for jewelry storage

You can lay out your necklaces in decorative trays. Opt for larger decorative trays that have just enough space to hold your jewelry length-wise.

They don’t need to be specifically created for jewelry. A vintage serving tray will work just fine. Arrange your necklaces by either style or color.

Cardboard jewelry box for necklace storage

Most stores will pack your piece of jewelry in a small cardboard jewelry box. You can utilize these tiny jewelry boxes to organize your necklaces. Just utilize some paper clips to attach them together.

Set two boxes side-by-side, and place the paperclip over the joined edges. Then, place the small boxes in a tray or drawer and apply a piece of jewelry in each jewelry box.

Individual jewelry box

You can organize your more delicate necklaces in separate jewelry boxes. You can put regular jewelry on display. However, fine jewelry should be protected from dust, damage, and prying eyes. If you hold onto the original jewelry boxes, use these boxes for jewelry storage.

Organizational Tips For Jewelry Storage

Common organizational methods usually include organizers with compartments and hooks because they can keep necklaces separated. However, when picking the right storage system for you, other important things should be considered such as temperature, type of jewelry, etc.

Keep your jewelry collection in a temperature-controlled room with low humidity

Moisture is your jewelry’s biggest enemy. It causes tarnishing in precious metals. Therefore, if you keep your metal necklaces in your bedroom and have a bathroom with a shower inside the bedroom, store a packet of silica gel together with your necklaces to keep the moisture away.

Your necklaces shouldn’t touch each other, especially different types of metals

Make sure that your necklaces don’t come into contact. Otherwise, they will face corrosion because of the different affinities for electrons between the metals, so keep that in mind.

Never utilize plastic bags and hang necklaces away from direct sunlight

Never store your jewelry in plastic bags because plastic keeps moisture. If you must utilize a bag, opt for cotton, velvet, or suede. Additionally, keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight.

Anti-tarnish strips stored with your necklaces can also help. As you can see, a necklace organization isn’t hard if you choose the proper organizational method. If you’re always in a hurry, opt for a hook solution. If your jewelry is created of precious jewels or metals, pick velvet-lined compartments.

No matter what organizational solution you pick, your necklaces will stay tangle-free and undamaged at all times. Do you have any organizational tips and tricks? If so, drop a comment below!

Final Tips

You simply can’t store necklaces the same way you organize jewelry of other types such as costume jewelry. Otherwise, they will tarnish, tangle, and whatnot. Instead, use some of the organizational methods above. They’re all very simple but also very practical.

The final tip I have for you is to inspect your collection before you start organizing it. Put aside damaged pieces or those you no longer want, and decide what you want to throw away, repair, and donate. Then, you can proceed with organizing your necklace collection however you please.

When doing this, you can also clean your necklaces so they’re polished before you put them away. How do you store necklaces and other jewelry? Share your suggestions in the comments below!