How To Organize Scrunchies for The 90s Obsessed Chick

Do you have a drawer full of scrunchies? Or do they suddenly crop up when you don’t need them and then suddenly are nowhere to be found when you are in desperate need of one? If so, this post is for you! These accessories are in fashion at the moment, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

But with so many to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect one. Also, if you have a drawer full of scrunchies, it is sometimes hard to keep them organized when they are in a bunch. 

Keep reading for tips on how to organize your scrunchies and storage solutions for your hair ties!

Gather All Your Scrunchies

Here is a challenge if we ever saw one. It is time to go hunting – around your house for every bit of scrunchie or hair tie that has laid neglected on the floor. Once you have got your stash, you will be able to decipher which you would like to keep and which should go in the wastepaper basket.

Caring for Your Scrunchies

Now that you have hunted and tracked down what feels like all the scrunchies in the world, it is an excellent time to throw them in the wash and give them a good clean. Once cleaned, you can sort them out by categorizing them.

Sort Them By Color and Type

Each color group should be sorted within itself. This will help you to decipher which scrunchie to reach for in your favorite color choice a lot quicker.

Organizing Storage Patterns and Forming Good Habits

Before you get creative with your storage solutions, it is essential to think about where best to store your scrunchies. By this, we mean taking your lifestyle into account. If you are more likely to do your hair in the bathroom, it is better to store your hair accessories there instead of the dressing table in your bedroom. 

The reality is you will style your hair in one location, and you are most likely to take your hair down in that place too. Going back and forth when tying your hair in the bathroom only to forget your scrunchie on your dresser makes no sense so it is best to keep them in one place if possible.

Storage Solutions

Surprisingly there are many things around the house you can use to store your beloved scrunchies. We will look at paper towel holders, glass cylinder containers, plastic boxes, wine bottles, jewelry trees, ziplock bags.

Paper Towel Roll and Paper Towel Holder

So you love accessories, and you have got big statement pieces that take up a lot of space in your dresser drawer. A paper towel roll or even a paper towel holder makes the perfect storage for your scrunchies. Stacking them vertically gives you the much-needed space and is a more practical solution for everyday wear.

Glass Cylinder Containers 

Have you ever seen those fancy cotton ball jars on makeup counters in the department store? Using glass cylinder containers for your hair accessories can make for a pretty feature and provide for excellent storage. It feels glamorous and allows you to see the scrunchie you want without pulling out the draws or looking at the floor!

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are fabulous for storing anything at all. Hair scrunchies should be no different either! Once you have categorized your bobbles, you can go ahead and place your plastic boxes in your dressing table drawer, ready for use! It is also satisfying to see your scrunchies set according to size and color, and it draws the eyes to the scrunchie you want.

Wine Bottles

If you are in the mood to glam up your dressing area, wine bottles are the answer. With a bit of DIY with some paint, you can transform your wine bottle into a scrunchie stand. It’s excellent to loop your scrunchies over, especially if they come in different sizes and elasticities.

Jewelry Trees

Somewhere in the corner of your house, there will be an abandoned and perhaps unloved jewelry tree. But now you finally have a use for it – yay! A jewelry tree with all its wires, pegs, and branches can allow you to display all your beautiful scrunchies.  

Wicker Baskets

Placing a basket at your dressing table for your most-used scrunchies is a good way of providing a separation from your makeup and other hair products. 

Zip Lock Bags

If you are struggling for space in your bedroom, ziplock bags are a great solution to organizing your dear scrunchies. You can peer at the bag to see the color you want to match your outfit overall. 

Drawer Dividers

If you are using zip lock bags, folder dividers are a great solution to categorizing and separating your scrunchies.

If you have space in your dressing table or chest of drawers, acrylic dividers are the best for the avid scrunchie fan. You see, all your beautiful scrunchies color-coordinated with clear dividers can brighten up the dullest drawer.

Makeup Bags

You can get some cheap makeup bags instead of plastic boxes, which do the job just as well. Plus, an extra one for the handbag for those last-minute fix-ups!

Ring Holders

Ring holders have a new purpose, your scrunchies. You can throw your scrunchies over your ring holders, et voila, a super quick way to find a home for your hair accessories. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, how to organize scrunchies for the 90s chick!

Scrunchies are a cute way of making any outfit look sassy, but sometimes it’s hard to find a place for them all.

Organizing your scrunchies need not be a costly job. It is incredible how you could use ordinary objects you did not think to use for anything other than their original purpose to store your hair scrunchies.

Ordinary objects such as kitchen roll holders, wine bottles, and jewelry trees are significant for repurposing and are more environmentally friendly.