Tool Organization Ideas for Your Home

Tool organization ideas tend to get left at the back of people’s minds when it comes to taking care of their homes. As a mater of fact, plenty of homeowners are already content with having a bag of tools or have them all stashed in a single cupboard, and then just worrying about looking for them when the need arises.

After all, who needs those tools on a regular basis? While this particular way of thinking holds true for a lot of people, a lot would still, most definitely, opt to find ways for their house to be kept as clean and organized as possible. Moreover, tool organization is important in order for work to be more organized and quick, as in a lot of instances, what prevents the work from getting done quickly is  a very cluttered workspace.

If you are more of the latter, here are some practical tips for tool organization ideas that are fit for every home:

Professional Tilt Car

Stack-On ROW-503 2 Wheel Tilt Cabinet
  • Large inside compartment features ample bulk storage and three drawers
  • Doors feature removable shelf compartments and a steel pegboard for hanging cords, hand tools or other equipment
  • Includes adjustable handle and large (10-inch) semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Fully lockable with a cylinder key lock
  • 28-inchW by 18-inchD by 35-1/2-inchH

The Stack-On ROW-503 2 Wheel Tilt Cabinet is a professional tilt car and is one of the handiest materials around. The Tilt Car looks like a steel cabinet, but has wheels. There are several compartments both inside and out that allow you to store different kinds of things, such as oil, lubricants, tools such as screws and wrenches, and more.

Instead of going back and forth to where the tools are, you can take this whole thing with you, as it is equipped with wheels and a handle. Furthermore, it is made of metal and has a powder-coated metallic finish, and thus you can be assured that it is long lasting.

Magnetic Tool Panel

Mechanics Time Saver 12" X 12" Magna-Panel
  • 400 percent stronger when placed on a metal surface
  • Safe for computers and other sensitive electronic equipment
  • Will not magnetize your tools
  • Eliminate the loss of valuable hand tools
  • Great for vertical tool storage

If you’re on the lookout for a practical, yet stylish way of storing your tools, the Mechanics Time Saver 12″ X 12″ Magna-Panel is one of the best that you could possibly have. It allows you to simply put the metallic tools on the wall, thus conserving space and giving more room for other materials.

Furthermore, you won’t end up wondering where your tools are, because they’re all out in the open. It even increases its strength 400-fold once placed against a metallic surface! This is also safe for use near sensitive electronics, and installation is quick and easy. What’s even greater is that your tools will not be magnetized, thus you can still use your tools in peace.

Power Toolbox

Lasko 9002 Power Toolbox Tool Storage Cord Wheel with Four Outlets and Step Stool
  • Includes UL listed detachable power cord reel with 20 foot extension cord and four grounded outlets.
  • Portable step stool holds up to 300 pounds with skid resistant surface for excellent traction.
  • Includes three removable stacking trays for holding and organizing tools and accessories.
  • Features exterior tool storage on rear and side, large enough for electric drill.
  • 1 year warranty, Made in the USA

The Power Toolbox by Lasko is one of the most interesting toolbox designs on the market. Unlike other toolboxes, which are just limited to catering for tool storage, the Power Toolbox takes it up a notch! It actually looks like a stool to sit on, and could actually be used for said purpose.

It has three removable caddies for stacking tools of various sorts, it has specially-designed storage spaces for smaller things, like screws, screwdrivers, drill bits, etc. Plus, if you have a heavy-duty extension wire that ranges 20 ft, the box has a place especially for it. The Power Toolbox is made with quality plastic, and can support up to 300 lbs.

Mobile Work Center

DEWALT Tool Box & Mobile Work Center (DWST20800)
  • Single front pull-up latch of the tool box with wheels easily opens up the unit
  • 4 work levels - top tool box and tray that can be placed on opened up lid , mid organizer section, large bottom bin for power tools make this portable tool box ideal to work from on site after having transported the equipment in it
  • Telescopic handle for ergonomic hold and easy maneuvering can be lowered for storage of the rolling tool box
  • Side handles allow to conveniently lift up above step on onto vehicle
  • Ball bearing slides for smooth opening even with heavy loads

The Mobile Work Center by Dewalt is also a sturdily constructed storage facility that enables you to work on the go. It is an all-in-one workstation and all you have to do is to bring it to where the work is! There is no need to take things out and end up forgetting a lot of important things. To make sure that this does not happen, all you have to do is to bring all of it!

The mobile work center has 4 levels, each of which is designed for different kinds of tools, a single pull-up latch which allows you to open the unit with ease, a telescopic handle for a slip-free hold and quick maneuvering, and side handles to facilitate transportation to other places, thus making it one of the most handy, convenient toolkits around.

Open Tote

Stanley 518160M FatMax 18" Open Tote
  • Durable, hard wearing 600 x 600 denier fabric, colors may vary
  • Stanley - Black & Decker
  • High Quality New!!!!!!!
  • Durable saw storage covered compartment
  • Adjustable velcro straps for level storage Tools not included.

Who says all handbags are merely for fashion? The Open Tote 518160M FatMax by Stanley allows you to easily carry all your tools like you would any other handbag!

This is a refreshing way of organizing tools, given that a lot of the bags we find are not designed to hold industrial items, such as screws, screwdrivers, and the like, the FatMax enables you to do all of this. It is made of durable 600 x 600 denier fabric, and therefore you would not have to worry about the possibility of your tools puncturing the bag by accident.

Furthermore, it is complete with a saw storage area, is equipped with velcro straps, and has a strong, water-proof bottom, which is most especially needed during messy repairs, making it on of the great tool organization ideas you can use yourself.