Wheelbarrow Storage Brackets and Hooks

A wheelbarrow is an essential tool in gardening. It helps you keep your yard in perfect condition with its simple design and functionality.

Yet, storing a wheelbarrow can be quite challenging since it’s bulky with edges jutting out in different directions.

Luckily, we may be able to help you out with wheelbarrow storage tips in this article.

4 Tips on How to Store Your Wheelbarrow

There are a few things you need to make sure of to protect your wheelbarrow from outdoor elements. Here are a few steps you can follow to achieve that.

Step 1: Prepare Your Wheelbarrow for Storage

Make sure that you clean your wheelbarrow thoroughly and leave it to dry before storing it. This will keep it from developing rust, which will increase its longevity.

Also, it’s always a good idea to coat the wheelbarrow in oil to prevent corrosion. Use olive oil for the best results, and let it dry completely before storing it.

Step 2: Find the Right Storage Spot

In our opinion, the perfect place to keep your wheelbarrow would be in an outdoor tool shed. Also, you can keep it in your garage if you have enough room.

Either way, this location needs to be free of moisture, which can damage the metal of your wheelbarrow. Besides that, the shed has to be off-limits to kids or pets because having them play around the wheelbarrow might cause accidents.

Lastly, your storage place has to be easily accessible by you at all times. You don’t want to overexert yourself each time you push your wheelbarrow to your garden. Plus, situating your tool near your lawn gives you the chance to check on it often.

Remember, checking up on your wheelbarrow is important to make sure that it hasn’t fallen from its rack or developed rust.

Step 3: Choose a Suitable Storage Method

Next, you should determine which way to store your wheelbarrow.

Wall Bracket Storage

Most people prefer to mount their wheelbarrows on the wall of their sheds, keeping them off the floor to save space.

You can easily do this by purchasing clips or hangers, which are available online to order. We’ll give you a list of our favorite products in the following section.

If your budget doesn’t allow this, you can always re-purpose other types of hooks to hang your wheelbarrow. However, you could only do this if you have a lightweight wheelbarrow. If not, then it’s best to stick to a storage set that’s specially made for wheelbarrows.

Ceiling Storage

Ceiling storage can be the better option if the walls of your shed are already crowded with tools.

All you’ll have to do is drill a few holes into the wheelbarrow container. Then, create a pulley system that will allow you to lift the tool to the ceiling.

Remember to use a heavy-duty rope that supports the weight of your wheelbarrow. Also, you should determine if your body strength is enough to let you pull the wheelbarrow with no problems.

Step 4: Use Your Creativity to Store Your Wheelbarrow

If the previous steps don’t work out for you, then thinking outside the box may be helpful.

For instance, you can reorganize the space inside your tool shed or garage to be more convenient. By building a few shelves or cabinets inside, you may have some space to put your wheelbarrow.

The Best Clips and Hangers You Can Use to Store Your Wheelbarrow

Because hanging your wheelbarrow is probably the best decision, here are a few products you should consider buying.

1.   Racor Wheelbarrow Hanger

Racor PSM-1R - Wall Mount Wheelbarrow, Patio Furniture, Chair & Ladder - Garage Storage Organizer
  • Easily Store Bulky Items: Lawn furniture, ladder, wheelbarrow, wagon, chairs and more
  • Powder-Coated Steel & Epoxy Finish: Long-time stability, corrosion-resistance and rust-free storage
  • Heavy-Duty Hook: Hanger firmly secures one wheelbarrow, ladder, lawn chair or other item to the wall
  • No Assembly Required: Installs into one wall stud with fasteners to install hanger included
  • Reclaim Your Garage: With Racor organizers for bikes, tools, lawn and garden supplies and much more

This hanger by Racor has earned so many positive reviews claiming that it was a great choice for storing a wheelbarrow.

It’s capable of handling a maximum weight of 50 pounds, not to mention that it’s made of heavy-duty steel. This way, you can rely on this hanger to keep your tool off the floor.

Yet, the best thing about this product is that it’s affordable.

2.   Lehigh WBH-6 Wheelbarrow Holder

Lehigh WBH-6 Wheelbarrow Holder, Black
  • Package Quantity : 1
  • Used For Power Tool Accessories, Grinder & Chop Saw Accessories
  • The Product Is Manufactured In China
  • Produc Type : Home Organizers And Storage
  • Wheelbarrow holder saves space and stores wheelbarrow against wall in garage or shed

Here’s another hanging set that you may like. Lehigh’s wheelbarrow holder consists of top and bottom brackets to keep your heavyweight tool in place.

This holder is made of heavy-gauge solid steel, which allows it to tolerate the weight of all types of wheelbarrows. Also, it comes with a spring-loaded lift latch for maximum safety and convenience.

Remarkably, this storage system is very easy to set up and use, according to people who have tried it.

3.   Crawford CMWBH-6 Wheelbarrow Hanger

Crawford CMWBH-6 Wheelbarrow Hanger
  • Ideal for hanging a wheelbarrow
  • Holds up to 35-pounds
  • Measures 7. 5-inches (H) by 17. 75-inches (W) by 82. 5-inches (D) and comes in an attractive black finish
  • Installation is easy with the included hardware
  • Easy to install

Here’s our final candidate. This hanging system should work beautifully to keep a 35-pound wheelbarrow mounted on your shed wall.

Because it comes with upper and lower parts, it can hold the wheelbarrow in place steadily. Additionally, the brackets are made of heavy-duty materials, not to mention that they’re super easy to install.


Wheelbarrow storage is important to keep your beloved gardening tool from getting damaged. While you may think it’s hard to store this big buddy, you’ll find out that it’s pretty simple after following our guidance.

Better yet, you should consider utilizing heavy-duty clips when you store your wheelbarrow. These products can help you save so much space, not to mention that they’re budget-friendly.